>>>The most terrifying Halloween plans

The most terrifying Halloween plans

Slip into the skin of a prisoner, wander a ghost-packed side street or “sleep” at a hotel beset with strange phenomena. Do you dare spend a Halloween out of fancy dress?

orget Freddy Krueger, Chucky and other fictional characters. The stories told at these places really did happen. Visiting them over Halloween really gives you a scare, not to mention during the rest of the year, as well.

Monster park, Gardens of Bomarzo (Viterbo, Italy)

“You, who go through the world, wanderers, seeking great marvels, come here, where you will find the horrendous faces of elephants, lions, bears, ogres and dragons.” This is how Italian Duke Pier Francesco Orsini invited people to discover his bizarre creation. The terrifying sculptures include ogres, a three-headed dog and gargoyles. His unhappy existence perhaps explains his eccentricity: a hunchback, he was raised motherless and lost his (unfaithful) wife, at a young age.

Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain were regulars at Langham Hotel.

Full board, ghost included

“All of a sudden, the taps in the bathroom came on for no reason.” These are the words of Stuart Broad, member of the English cricket team, with reference to his stay at the luxurious Langham Hotel, London. It is thought that seven ghosts live there. Room 333 is reportedly the most haunted.

Behind bars, Karosta Prison Hotel (Liepāja, Latvia)

Would you like to sleep in a former prison where thousands of men suffered and died for nearly a century? Karosta prison was the final destination of those condemned by Hitler for deserting during World War II. No inmate managed to escape. The most intrepid adventurers sign a consent form to allow prison staff to abase them for an entire night. They sleep on iron beds until being awoken by screams. Freezing cold showers and interrogations are also included.

The Underworld, Mary King’s Close (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Below the asphalt of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s poor lived underground, for three centuries. Since there was no space to build more homes, the destitute were exiled to a dingy space, without ventilation and infested with rats, which brought the plague and other diseases. Corpses were stacked in alleyways like Mary King’s Close, and stories of demons and ghosts soon spread. In 2003, the space reopened to the public as a tourist attraction. The most famous ghost is Annie, a child abandoned by her parents.

Visitors to Mary King’s Close often take wigs or dolls with them, for Annie’s ghost.
Photo: The Real Mary King’s Close

Waves of blood, Changi Beach (Changi, Singapore)

It has been more than 70 years since the end of World War II, but the fishermen assure us they still bring up skulls in their nets. Thousands of people were tortured by Japanese soldiers in Malaysia and Singapore, and Changi beach was one of the first places where executions were performed. Visitors swear that screams and cries can still be heard. They even claim to have seen bloodstains on the sand. Those not afraid of the spirits come here to see one of the most spectacular sunsets in Singapore.

Beelitz-Heilstätten was used as a Soviet field hospital during World War II.

Hitler’s hospital, Beelitz-Heilstätten (Potsdam, Germany)

While today it has become a set for films like The Pianist, by Roman Polański, for years the horrors that took place at this hospital were no work of fiction. It was created in 1898, as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. During World War I, it hosted wounded soldiers from the German army. Adolph Hitler was one of them. The hospital also treated ex-dictator Erich Honecker, who had liver cancer. Following its abandonment in 1994, it became a ruin. Despite its dilapidated state, there are many who still dare to visit it.

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