>>>Wendy! I’m home!

Wendy! I’m home!

The iconic exterior of Timberline Lodge was used for the film ‘The Shining’. The hotel, located on Mount Hood, about 100km from Portland (Oregon), is hosting the first edition of the Overlook Film Festival, aimed at presenting new horror films while also paying homage to the classics. There will be no shortage of interactive shows, musical performances, games – and even defibrillators on standby – for four days of complete and terrifying immersion. The advisory board includes Joe Dante, the director of ‘Gremlins’, and the actor Elijah Wood. The festival will take place from 27 to 30 April.

And, if participants are feeling brave enough they can stay in Timberline Lodge, where Jack Nicholson went mad under the direction of Stanley Kubrick to create one of the best horror films of all time, all based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

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