>>>Vegetarians are taking over the world

Vegetarians are taking over the world

Veggie-friendly restaurants, supermarkets and festivals are multiplying at a time of increasing awareness about what we eat, including delicious suggestions that will make even the most carnivorous succumb to its ways.
In its latest report, the WHO recommends that we reduce the consumption of meat in our diet and eat more vegetables. The trend towards vegetarianism is supported by over 600 million people who have already chosen this lifestyle. Follow us through the most veggie-friendly cities in the world and discover a life full of flavour.
New York – The city of green dreams
Veganista offers ice creams with a low glycaemic index for diabetics
Considered the most veggie-friendly city in the world in 2014 by the animal rights organisation PETA, it has over 140 vegetarian or vegan restaurants, and even has a state school with a veggie menu. Dirt Candy, the restaurant owned by chef Amanda Cohen, represents the evolution of the New York vegetarian trend. Make a reservation in advance if you want to eat there, because there are only nine tables available. New York also has its own Vegetarian Food Festival, which will be held on 7th and 8th May 2016.
Berlin – An urban-vegan paradise
The Vegetarian Butcher has been open for nine generations
The German capital boasts the first chain of vegan supermarkets in Europe: Veganz. This is a way of democratising organic and ecological produce, which are seen as almost a luxury. The restaurant Yellow Sunshine Burger offers a fun vegan twist on the famous Berlin “currywurst” (German sausage topped with curry sauce). According to the German Vegetarian Union, Germany now has seven million vegetarians and one and a half million vegans. These are figures that demonstrate the blossoming of all kinds of businesses based on respect for animals, such as the vegan accessory shop Avesu.
A vegan Full English breakfast at The Gallery Cafe
Photo: Amanda Stockley
London – The oldest vegetarian kingdom in Europe
London vegetarian culture goes back to 1849, when the Vegetarian Society was founded. The vegan version of the “full English breakfast” at The Gallery Cafe allows you to enjoy this traditional meal with zero animal protein. And The Gate is somewhere you must visit for brunch on Sunday morning. It’s easy to find vegan products in London supermarkets. They can be identified by their Vegan Society label.
Tokyo – much more than just sushi
You can find two very popular vegetarian traditions in the Japanese capital: shojin ryori (the cuisine of Buddhist monks) and macrobiotic cuisine. Japan has the highest number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the world and is the perfect place to enjoy tofu, its star product. The Eat More Greens cafe is famous for its vegan tacos and its pecan nut pie.
San Francisco – The great vegetable party
San Francisco has become another vegan country par excellence, and is host to the largest vegetarian festival in the world: the World Veg Festival. The restaurant Millennium, which offers gourmet vegan food, is somewhere you must visit to try its famous spicy Brownie Sundae Mole. On the other hand, you could visit the classic Seed+Salt which, as well as offering tasty vegetarian gluten-free cuisine, also offers personalised advice if you are following a special diet.

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