>>>The best suites for two people

The best suites for two people

Beds with views to sleep in each other’s arms... or not sleep at all. It’s up to you. But we can assure you that these are the suites of your dreams.
special night with a special person requires a special place. Here’s a selection of the most original suites for you and that someone special.
Sleeping with the fishes – The Underwater Room on Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Nkwichi is an ecological hotel that cares about environmental sustainability.

Adventure for a bedmate

Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru is a hotel located in the Sacred Valley. Each room is a transparent capsule that hangs more than 300m above the ground. Guests enter through the top. Each cabin has its own bathroom, separated by an insulated wall.

Imagine sleeping submerged four metres under the Indian Ocean in a room floating in the middle of the sea that can only be reached by boat. The Underwater Room in The Manta Resort is made up of three levels: one at sea level, where you find the bathroom and living room. A staircase leads to the roof that is a solarium during the day but, at night, it’s a great place for stargazing. The bed is on the ground floor, from where you can enjoy a 360º view of the seabed: tropical fish, coral reefs and octopuses. Don’t laugh, but there’s even a nosey neighbour! Nick, a trumpetfish who swims around the windows.
Make a wish – Star Bed in Lake Malawi, Mozambique
Ponta dos Ganchos has been ranked the best beach resort in Brazil by the prestigious Brazilian travel guide, Quatro Rodas.

Treehouses 3.0

Besides the Mirrorcube, Sweden’s Treehotel offers other types of accommodation. There is one shaped like a huge bird’s nest and another resembling a UFO that promises an experience that is out of this world. Dragonfly is the largest tree room and there is also a conference room atop a tree.

The stars are the only ceiling above whoever sleeps in Star Bed. There are no other lights in several kilometres. The hotel’s name is also quite evocative: Nkwichi, after the onomatopoeic term used by the Mozambicans to refer to the sound the sand on the beach makes when it is trodden on. The rustic-style beds are distributed around a private island, a deserted beach or on the top of a mountain. There are no walls. The gigantic, 1,000-year-old baobab trees are enough to keep lovers from danger. And when the African night gives way to dawn, there’s nothing better than paddling in a canoe or scuba diving in the crystalline waters of Lake Malawi. 
The Mirrorcube’s inner surface is covered with birch wood.
Foto: © Treehotel
The English hiding place – The Beach Hut in Cornwall, United Kingdom
The actress Kate Winslet has holidayed here and in 2006, it was used as a location in the film ‘Half Light’, starring Demi Moore. The Beach Hut is a wooden house surrounded by cliffs in Bude, on the north coast of Cornwall. It stands on over 20 hectares of land, but only two people are welcome to stay at a time. The house has undergone a significant transformation since the 1920s, when it was a tearoom. The breaking of the waves is the only thing that breaks the silence. Privacy, luxury, a king-size bed, a shower designed for two people, a fireplace and the feeling of peace that comes with knowing that you’re completely alone.
An Olympic treat – Special Esmeralda Bungalow in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Superlative luxury only 40 km from Florianópolis. A 310-square-metre suite with a private infinity pool, sauna and Jacuzzi with views of the beach, a gym for two people and an enormous terrace with hammocks facing the private peninsula of Ponta dos Ganchos. The resort bears the seal of Relais & Chateaux and was the first establishment in the American continent to have a Spa by Christian Dior. However, you don’t need to leave the room to pamper yourself, if you feel like a massage, there’s a tatami mat to stretch out on in the bathroom.
Merging into the landscape – The Mirrorcube: Harads, Sweden
This original hotel room is camouflaged like a chameleon in the middle of the forest, an effect made possible thanks to the mirrored walls that reflect the trees. The Mirrorcube is the most eye-catching accommodation in Treehotel, located 60km from the Arctic Circle. To stop birds from flying into the walls, they are covered with a transparent infrared film that is only visible to them. A hanging 12-metre wooden bridge provides access to the room. The cube’s six windows offer a unique view of the Arctic forest of Sweden.

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