>>>Prince’s ‘purple’ universe

Prince’s ‘purple’ universe

According to the lyrics of one of Prince’s own songs, ‘There aren’t any rules in Paisley Park”. And that is how it was. The artist chose a suburb of Minnesota, the city where he was born, to build a recording studio of more than 6,000 square metres, a creative retreat where dozens of his records were made. The complex cost $10 million and is decorated in his distinctive style, complete with trademark logo and lots of purple. Prince once said that, ‘Paisley Park is pretty much representative of everything I am musically’. Inside there is a whole room intended for meditation, the Galaxy Room, illuminated by ultraviolet lights, and a basement where he kept awards and tapes of unreleased songs.

Two different tours will be offered until 31 March, to enable visitors to feel the aura of the iconic artist: General Admission and a VIP tour, with a guide and the opportunity to buy a photo (mobiles and cameras are strictly forbidden, a legacy of the halo of mystery that always surrounded the pop star). Both tours show his studios and rehearsal rooms, as well as the concert halls, his exclusive Music Club and personal items. On Friday and Saturday evenings, special tours are offered so that visitors can experience a party like the ones Prince used to host in his favourite place in the universe.

From 20 to 23 April, just one year after his death, the same venue will host Celebration 2017, a tribute to the life of the artist that will include concerts, panel discussions and guided tours. The VIP Passes are already sold out.

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