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Working in paradise
When they told us we had to go to Mauritius for a film shoot, we were the envy of everyone in the editorial department, but working in a paradise of transparent seas and white sandy beaches is more tiring than you might think.
e flew with Nicolas in his light aircraft a few days before Paris Hilton did the same, as proven by the photos in the press. For the occasion we chose an outfit consisting of a yellow top and green Bermuda shorts, as a tribute to the Mauritius national flag. We're sorry but we can't remember the brand or the designer. No paparazzi were waiting on the beach to snatch photos of us, because in this case we were the photographers. And backpacks filled with equipment don't go well with floaty flowery dresses.
Tourism hasn't robbed this island of its essence
The only ones who snatched anything from us during our stay were the birds, which we had to fight for our breakfast. The people of Mauritius, who won us over with their mix of cultures – Indian, French, Creole and Chinese – and the tranquillity of their villages, despite the fact we visited in December, the middle of the high season. Tourism hasn't robbed this island of its essence - as shown by one of our drivers, who insisted on taking a short detour in Trou aux Cerfs to introduce us to his father, a retired tourist guide. Or by Davina and Preety, from Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, who organised several trips for us and made us sweat while canyoning and hiking in the mountains for hours. They turned us into active tourists.
Almost as active as our Passenger on Mauritius, Kathrin Ernest. She admitted that the thing she most likes doing when she's not teaching kitesurfing is... kitesurfing. So it's impossible not to be doing something on Mauritius.
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