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Carlos Luján
My home is your home
“This isn’t going to be just one video, it’s going to be a trilogy”. So said Carmen, our senior editor, while we prepared the report. It was no easy feat. Precisely because it was Madrid, our home, the list of bars and restaurants that we wanted to include was endless. If we had talked about everything that we had planned, we could probably have launched an “extended version”. We were attempting to show you the city as we would to a friend. And the fact is, we did it: we took two Swedish friends on the shoot. You’ll recognise them by their unmistakeable long blue and orange hair, on the terrace of Circulo de Bellas Artes.
Francisco Márquez exchanged the African savanna for the streets of Malasaña and the Iberian lynx for our ‘passenger’, Liam Aldous.
At lunch time (a little too late according to our Swedish friends), we stuck to the traditional. At Platea Madrid we opted for tuna meatballs and a stew at Sinergias De Cuchara. Traditional food yes, but with a gourmet twist: the chefs of this project hold four Michelin stars between them. However, the real star was Jorge, our sound assistant, who leaped on stage to play the piano to the surprise of those present (none more so than us)! Carlos Luján, our photographer, prefers desserts to the spotlight. He has worked for Le Monde, Newsweek and the New York Times and was like a kid in a sweetshop when photographing the cakes at Mama Framboise. Francisco Márquez led the video. He specialises in fauna and flora and has been recognised as the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ by the BBC. He exchanged the African savanna for the streets of Malasaña and the Iberian lynx for our ‘passenger’, Liam Aldous. Despite having the beginnings of a cold, Liam was very friendly and we enjoyed accompanying him through the streets of the city where he lives. He brought us up to date about the new establishments in the area and confessed to us that we weren’t alone: he also struggles when it comes to choosing just one!
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