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Dedicated to making people jealous
Found just 40 kilometres south of Lima, Pachacamac is an archeological wonder dating back to Inca times that should not be missed. And a few kilometres further on is Casa de Don Cucho, a popular restaurant serving traditional Creole food we were also advised was a must-see In particular, we were told to go and try their famous pachamanca. The Quechuan name for this traditional Peruvian dish means earth pot because the ingredients are cooked with hot stones placed in a hole and covered over with soil, with this style of cooking continuing to respect the importance that the Incas gave to the ritual of eating foods extracted from inside the earth.
Our challenge was to capture and transmit through the visual shots the extraordinary tastes we had experienced.
So, after the shoot, we duly tried pachamanca. Our cameras and lenses were laid out on the table, attracting the attention of the other diners in the restaurant. And all of them asked us the same question: What do you do? To which we replied quite naturally: “What do we do? We spend our time making people jealous.” And the truth is that travel journalism has much of that in it: writing about travel is an invitation to others to live what we have experienced. In the case of Lima, our challenge was to capture and transmit through the visual shots the extraordinary tastes we had experienced. Travel journalism is not a profession with many risks, but it does put us in the way of temptations. During the production and shooting of the documentary on Lima, the risk was to let yourself be carried away by the culinary delights the city has to offer. Visiting the best restaurants and sampling the food on offer was an experience for the senses that finally had its effect on our palates. Back home, we were on the lookout for restaurants offering Peruvian cuisine. We were hooked on the tastes of Lima.
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He's regarded as the greatest chef in Latin America. Central, his restaurant in Lima, has been voted the best in South America and the fourth finest on the planet in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Virgilio Martínez invites us to explore the flavours of a city and a country where gastronomy is a passion.
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The tastes of Lima
When you are in the capital of Peru, you need to keep all your senses on high alert. The sounds and the smells will show you where to look, while your sight will lead your taste buds on. Eating in Lima, is truly a celebration for all the senses.
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