>>>Journey to Game of Thrones
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Journey to Game of Thrones

Season Six “is coming”. On 24 April, one of the most eagerly awaited series returns to the small screen. Do you want to know where it was filmed? No spoilers, we promise.
eorge R. R. Martin asks not to be bothered. The Winds of Winter, the sixth installment of the saga is still not finished, but “the show must go on”. For the first time, television is going to get ahead of the books. Nobody knows what will happen to the houses of Lannister, Stark and Targaryen because it is still to be published. What is certain is that the story will continue to surprise us, with twists and unexpected deaths. With 6,795 people already dead, 61 of which were main characters, we have learned our lesson: in the fight for the Iron Throne, no one is ever safe.
The snow that surrounds Castle Black, built from scratch for the series, is made from pieces of tissue.
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Where is the Iron Throne?

The most famous throne on TV is at the Paint Hall studios in Belfast, where most of the indoor scenes are shot. In 2014, Queen Elizabeth II visited the studios, but could not sit among its pointy swords because “is not allowed to sit on a foreign throne” explained D.B. Weiss.

The last episode left us frozen on the edge of our seats. The most tension-filled moment took place at The Wall, the most northern part of the Seven Kingdoms. Jon Snow was the protagonist of a fifth season where the scenes were monopolised by snowy landscapes. This time round, the crows, a name which the Men of the Night’s Watch go by, did not travel to Iceland. In previous seasons, they used Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, but for the latest one they preferred to stay “at home”, near the Paint Hall studios in Belfast. Magheramorne quarry became Castle Black once again. It was also the setting for the battle against the White Walkers at Hardhome. For the sixth season, they will still use the cliffs and forests of Northern Ireland. Its landscapes have borne witness to the adventures and misfortunes of Arya, Brienne and Tyrion, among others.
Far from the winter creeping up on Westeros, we find sunny Dubrovnik, capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Its warm climate and medieval architecture won over David Benioff, executive producer of the series. “The first time we saw Dubrovnik I was in shock because the whole city was really similar to how we’d imagined King’s Landing.” In the first season, the Redfort was in Malta. That was also where the wedding between Daenerys and Khal Drogo took place, in the Azure Window on the island of Gozo.
The Redfort at King’s Landing, home to Cersei Lannister, is in fact Fort Lovrijenac.
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Khaleesi is the character that has embarked on the most fictional journeys, but also during filming. Her conquests of the Free Cities of Meereen, Braavos and Pentos were filmed in Morocco, Malta, Croatia and Spain. It was in Spain where one of the most technically complicated scenes was filmed: Osuna’s bullring in Seville province became the Meereen fighting pit, where we saw Drogon take flight. More than 86,000 extras applications were received.
At Castle Ward, in Northern Ireland, they offer activities like archery and bicycle tours to locations from the series.
Photo: www.gameofthrones-winterfelltours.com
Seville is home to the exotic kingdom of Dorne. The Royal Alcázar (Moorish palace) has been a World Heritage Site since 1987, and is House Martell’s summer residence. Its Mudéjar arches and gardens need no special effects to make them look like the Water Gardens. In the coming season, the action continues in Spain. Girona Cathedral will become the Great Sept and the Tower of Joy will be in Zafra. Peñíscola, Almería and Córdoba are other locations where the list of unexpected deaths will grow.

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