Five times faster than the wind

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The romantics of rock climbing

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Journey to the eye of the storm

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20 places to visit in your 20s

The journey doesn’t depend only on the destination. There are some places you have to experience with the mind and heart of someone in their twenties.

There is more than one Venice

We all love Venice so much that every country wants to have one. China, Holland...

Lovestruck in Tuscany

Strolling hand-in-hand through a medieval village, drinking delicious wine by candlelight, admiring Renaissance art together…...


An art-lovers paradise awaits in the capital of Bavaria. Follow us to the heart of culture and art in Europe.
An art-lovers paradise awaits in the capital of Bavaria. Follow us to the heart of culture and art in Europe.

Designation of origin: Italy

Modena vinegar, Parmesan cheese, Genoan pesto, Neapolitan pizza... The celebrated names of Italian products are known all over the world. We let our taste buds guide us through Italy’s culinary traditions.

Ode to the Spanish bar

260,000 establishments make Spain the country with the highest density of bars in the world. From the classic to the more...

Adorable grandmothers of the world and their recipes

A grandmother’s cooking is the antidote for homesickness when you are away from your family. The love in their dishes conquered...

The most romantic city in China

It is often dubbed the Venice of China. 40 per cent of Suzhou is covered...

The best places in the world for your wedding photos

The setting may make the difference between a conventional wedding and an extraordinary one. Most...

A love poem for Juliet

Five centuries on and Shakespeare’s love story continues to inspire a host of lovers. Discover...

Destinations to surprise Cupid

When people are in love they don’t care whether they kiss up the Eiffel Tower...

Unique First Dates

If you’re more romantic than Ted Mosby and you want a date that you’ll be...

Serra de Tramuntana, inspiration from above

It might seem like a sacrilege to talk about Mallorca and not mention the beaches, but it’s really not. The biggest of the Balearic islands has a stellar selection of inland alternatives, including a rendezvous with the muses on the...

Belize: five-star ecotourism

Luxury and ecology are allies in Belize, the paradise of ecotourism. Five-star hotels with clean...

Where to have a ‘celebrity-style’ wedding

Judging by the number of famous people who choose Italy to get married for the...

Whitehaven beach: the eco-friendly beach

If beaches were ranked as hotels are, Whitehaven Beach would have five stars.

Blessed by nature

Discover the Buddhist temples, dreamy beaches and colonial cities hidden by the luxuriant natural setting...

London: the city of colour

Here we seek to challenge London’s stereotypical greyness...Grab your umbrella (best to be on the...

Sportspitality: hotels are getting into shape

Habitación Vitality Room en Swissôtel Zúrich
These days, besides sleeping, you can also live in a hotel. Holiday accommodation has changed, and it now appeals to a new type of guest, one who is seeking to make their stay an extension of their lifestyle.

The ‘boutique hotel’ of the seas

The trend might be to build increasingly bigger and more ostentatious cruise ships, but Windstar...

If you’re not shopping, you’re not in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong you can shop till you drop. But don’t kid yourself it’ll be...

Adventures of the Glass Giant

A Giant welcomes the 700,000 people who come each year to visit the resplendent world...

Snowboard in 4K

Travis Rice stars in ‘The Fourth Phase’, a new film about snowboarding where he travels...

Relaxing ‘Finnish style’

In Finland there is a sauna for every two people. The so-called ‘poor man's pharmacy’...