A road trip on top of the world

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Carretera hacia Tsitsikamma national park

The garden of South Africa

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Australia: forever tied to the sea

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We want to be friends with Richard Branson. And so should you!

Vista aérea de Necker Island
A resort on a Caribbean island, a luxury safari, skiing in the Alps... You could be invited to all those dream vacations by the same person: Sir Richard Branson.

Once upon a time in Sintra

Palaces, labyrinths, colourful castles and foggy gardens: The magical, sleepy village of Sintra is located...

A man-made island

The craze for D.I.Y is nothing new. Centuries before the appearance of Pinterest and tutorials...


Lisbon's reflection shines in the Tagus, along whose reclaimed banks residents now walk with a little more pride, as time has only increased its beauty.
Lisbon's reflection shines in the Tagus, along whose reclaimed banks residents now walk with a little more pride, as time has only increased its beauty.

The guardians of Virunga

The oldest National Park in Africa is home to over 1,100 species, including the mountain gorilla. After years of armed conflict, it has been reopened to tourism.
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Where God put the West

Utah and Arizona share Monument Valley, but the latter will always belong to John Ford, who in spite of not being...
Caño Cristales 2012

The river where the rainbow drowned

Yellow, blue, green, red and black. For six months of the year, under the surface of Caño Cristales in Colombia a...

Fogo Island: from cod to art

In the nineties, Fogo Island’s population lived off fishing. Following a downturn in the fishing...

White Island: the dramatic volcano

White smoke, sulphur and 800ºC temperatures. We discover the secrets of New Zealand’s most active...

The Islands of the Goddesses

The best kept secret in Galicia, Spain, are the Cíes Islands. White sandy beaches, turquoise...

The North Pole run

At 30 degrees below zero even sweat freezes. The North Pole Marathon, the most northerly...

Hunting for the Southern Lights

The Northern Lights might appear to be a unique phenomenon, but their southern counterparts offer...

The best destinations for newbie backpackers

Mochilera en un lago de Canadá
It’s not only the money, it’s also the principle. Backpacking around the world means travelling with a lot of chill and zero prejudice. Are you in? Here’s a handy starter’s guide.

Chicago, from gangster to hipster

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Chauen, contemplation blue

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Bangkok: Between two ages

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The USA’s favourite road

Not 66 or 1. Blue Ridge Parkway is America’s favourite route. An invitation for contemplation,...

20 places to visit in your 20s

The journey doesn’t depend only on the destination. There are some places you have to...

Serra de Tramuntana, inspiration from above

It might seem like a sacrilege to talk about Mallorca and not mention the beaches,...

Belize: five-star ecotourism

Luxury and ecology are allies in Belize, the paradise of ecotourism. Five-star hotels with clean...

Where to have a ‘celebrity-style’ wedding

Judging by the number of famous people who choose Italy to get married for the...

Whitehaven beach: the eco-friendly beach

If beaches were ranked as hotels are, Whitehaven Beach would have five stars.

The Mother of Water

Six countries, 4,000 years of history and home to 60 million people. The Mekong flows...

If you’re not shopping, you’re not in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong you can shop till you drop. But don’t kid yourself it’ll be...

Blessed by nature

Discover the Buddhist temples, dreamy beaches and colonial cities hidden by the luxuriant natural setting...

London: the city of colour

Here we seek to challenge London’s stereotypical greyness...Grab your umbrella (best to be on the...