Lovestruck in Tuscany

Vale de Orcia
Strolling hand-in-hand through a medieval village, drinking delicious wine by candlelight, admiring Renaissance art together… Sorry Paris, but Tuscany is the real destination for romantic travellers.

Whitehaven beach: the eco-friendly beach

If beaches were ranked as hotels are, Whitehaven Beach would have five stars.

Sri Lanka, blessed by nature

Discover the Buddhist temples, dreamy beaches and colonial cities hidden by the luxuriant natural setting...


Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.
Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.

The best destinations for newbie backpackers

It’s not only the money, it’s also the principle. Backpacking around the world means travelling with a lot of chill and zero prejudice. Are you in? Here’s a handy starter’s guide.

20 places to visit in your 20s

The journey doesn’t depend only on the destination. There are some places you have to experience with the mind and heart...
Foto 03. Could 9

A bar in the middle of the ocean

Yes, literally in the middle of the ocean: Cloud 9, which floats just off Fiji Island, near Viti Levu in Oceania,...

Texas in a natural state

Forget all about ranches, rodeos and cowboy boots. We promise we won’t say a word...

London: the city of colour

Here we seek to challenge London’s stereotypical greyness...Grab your umbrella (best to be on the...

Love in the time of kale

Going out for dinner is no longer a problem. More and more restaurants are adapting...

Snowboard in 4K

Travis Rice stars in ‘The Fourth Phase’, a new film about snowboarding where he travels...

Sportspitality: hotels are getting into shape

These days, besides sleeping, you can also live in a hotel. Holiday accommodation has changed,...

Chauen, contemplation blue

In the foothills of the Rif mountains, northern Morocco, this tiny blue town delights travellers with its fabrics, hills and perpetual feeling of peace.
Caño Cristales 2012

The river where the rainbow drowned

Photos: Mario Carvajal
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Samaipata, resting in the clouds

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A prehistoric island among the clouds

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Around the world in five novels

Any globetrotter who’s a keen reader will enjoy devouring tales set in their next destination,...

Racing the clock in Abu Dhabi

Extend your layover in Abu Dhabi and breathe in the futuristic vibes of this city...

Tell me how old you are and I’ll tell you how you travel

You don’t travel the same at 20 as at 50. The good news is that...

Bangkok and its love of rooftops

Walking around the streets in the Thai capital is not the same as seeing it...

The Island free of paparazzi

In 1958, Lord Glenconner paid 45.000 pounds sterling to purchase Mustique. That is what it...

The best hotel of 2017, according to architects

Exterior de la suite presidencial de Chablé
Blending contemporary design with Mayan traditions has earned Chablé Resort in Chocholá (Yucatan, Mexico) the Prix Versailles, awarded by UNESCO and the International Union of Architects.

On a cruise around Africa

The African Queen may be at the bottom of Lake Victoria, and there are no...

‘Made in the Balearics’ shopping

You won’t leave with just the landscapes left fixed your retina. On your departure from...

The conquest of America

Rocky Balboa, Al Capone, 'cheesesteaks' and Benjamin Franklin define the true essence of Philadelphia, a...

Formentera: Paradise is open all year round

The slogan for Ses Illetes is ‘Welcome to Paradise.” And rightly so. Formentera’s most celebrated...

“The Isle of Skye is one of best places in the world for biking”

He has received over 200 million views on YouTube. It makes no difference at all...